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Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, fred hochberg, joins us later but first, new york columnist nicholas kristof. >> gavin: you summed up expectations of obama first term. your score card was pretty favorable except for one exception, you rated president obama in communication an "f." what is communicating selling the agenda? selling the success? >> yes and it's kind of astonishing that a president that had such oratorycal skills and such a fantastic writer has such difficulties crafting bumper stickerrers. if you think about the healthcare debate i don't think he came up with a good bumper sticker to sell it with a good message. he still gave some good speeches but there aren't really that many in his first term. it's always said that candidates, when you're running for office you speak in poetry. then you governor in prose. but the--boom's prose while governing has really felt like latin. i think maybe he has not appreciated until recently the power of bully pulpit. it's not just about announcements but winning over the public. i think over the past few years he has risen to the responsibility. >> gavin: interesting.
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
women around the world, with journalists and filmmakers nicholas kristof and sheryl wudunn. >> once you give a woman education and a chance to work, she can astound you. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: three months after upholding president obama's health care law, the supreme court is back with a docket that may even rival last year's term for drama. the justices will decide a case on affirmative action in higher education, and are expected to take up disputes on same-sex marriage, civil rights law, and more. the term opened today with arguments in another controversial case: whether businesses can be sued in u.s. courts for human rights violations that occur in foreign countries. marcia coyle of the "natio
Oct 2, 2012 12:00am PDT
, with filmakers nicholas kristof and sheryl wudunn. but first, the other news of the day, here's kwame holman. >> holman: a suicide bomber in afghanistan killed at least 14 people today, including three american troops. the attack came as the number of u.s. deaths in the afghan war went above 2000 during the weekend. in the latest violence, u.s. forces were on patrol with afghan troops in khost when the bomber drove his motorcycle into their midst and set off explosives. the blast strewed debris across a marketplace. in addition to the americans, ten afghan civilians and police were killed. in iraq, the government announced 365 people were killed during september, the most in more than two years. the total included 26 iraqis who died sunday. a wave of bombings targeted shi- ite neighborhoods, from the northern city of kirkuk to the southern town of kut. the iraqi affiliate of al-qaeda claimed responsibility. iran has restored access to google's e-mail service, a week after the government blocked it. the initial action against g-mail was taken after an anti- islamic video appeared
Oct 3, 2012 7:30am EDT
is without matter. the comment was in response to an opinion by a columnist nicholas kristof posted on september the 19th. kristof cites an article by a taiwanese collar, claiming old documents suggest japan in effect stole the islands from china in 1895. kristof says he's sympathetic to china's claim of sovereignty over the islands. last week "the new york times" carried a full-beipage ad by a chinese government affiliated newspaper claiming the islands belonged to china. the japanese consulate launched a verbal protest calling the session one sided and misleading. >>> the head of the international monetary fund is expressing her concerns about the tensions. christine lagarde says the trouble between japan and china could have wider effects. lagarde made the comments ahead of the annual meetings of the imf and world bank. financial leaders from around the world will meet next week in tokyo. she said china and japan are global economic forces that should not be dragged down by in their disagreement. she hopes they will try to resolve their differences. lagarde touched on risks facin
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Oct 1, 2012 7:30pm PDT
kreupb by nicholas kristof. it's about women in the developing world who started amazing organizations to turn oppression into opportunity and i got to go to kenya with nick kristof which was amazing and we had a great time. >> jon: is that your first time in kenya? >> yes. >> jon: i have never been. i've been to nearby-- connecticut is not near there, is it? where is kenya? >> if you go a few miles north, across a big ocean. >> jon: so there is water. >> you get there. it's amazing. most people know kenya for the safaris and animals and that's extraordinary and everyone should see that. but kenya has incredible people and also a lot of problems and there's a lot of oppression of women so i was lucky enough to meet some of these women who started microfinancing organizations which is a great tool in ending global poverty and got to hang out with them. i got to go to a village of all women. all women. >> jon: a village of all women. >> yeah! >> jon: is that on purpose? did they kick the men out? (laughter) >> you know what? they did. it's great. everything works so well. (cheers and applau
Oct 19, 2012 10:00pm PDT
influential and thought thought-provoking journalists today, "the new york times" nicholas kristof. you'll find out why he's giving the president an "f" for communicating. and you'll find out his take on china, syria and the middle east. and why the new
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
haiti. >> reporter: she even speculates with b a possible run for office. nicholas kristof has endorsed you for president, albeit in 2044. >> right. >> reporter: when you read that column, were you pleased or shocked? >> well, i was shocked. people ask are you going to run for president and something like this. the truth is anything is possible, but there's so many platforms to create change nowadays whether it's president, bus driver or a banker or a princess, yes. >> reporter: so you're going to run for princees? >> yes, that's the plan. >> reporter: good luck. i will vote for you. >> thanks. >> even though talia is an accomplished fund-raiser, advocate for youth and now a published author, at 17 she is a typical high school student and applying for college. >> i am so impressed, and every school is going to want her. her future is amazing. jenna bush hager, thanks so much. have a great weekend. kathie lee and hoda coming up next.
Oct 12, 2012 10:00am EDT
served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> i want to bring in nicholas kristof columnist from "the new york times." there is talk about how vice presidential debates generally don't matter, they might have been more important last night because of the bad debate the president had last week. let's gist say if the goal was that biden was, needed to fire up the base, that maybe paul ryan was do no harm, is there a clear winner here? >> my take was i thought paul ryan did a very solid job. even on foreign affairs, which is not something he frankly knows a lot about. he was pretty solid. i do think biden, i would give it to biden on points, and he, while clearly he managed to antagonize a lot of conservatives, often he did manage to have an ability to be pretty biting and pretty sarcastic and deflating without coming across as really nasty. >> let me play a little more from paul ryan. i think probably one of his better moments. >> you see? there aren't enough rich people and small businesses to tax to pay for all their spending. so the next time you hear them say, don't worry about
Oct 25, 2012 3:00am PDT
," romney's economic model by nicholas kristof. if you want to see how romney's economic policies would work out, take a look at europe. and weep. in the last few years, germany and britain, in particular, from implemented precisely the policies that romney favors, and they've been richly praised by republicans here as a result. yet these days those economies seem, to use a german technical term, kaput. all industrialized countries experienced similar slowdowns, and the united states, under obama, chose a massive stimulus while germany and britain chose republican-endorsed austerity. neither approach worked brilliantly. still, america's economy is now the fastest growing among major countries in the west, and britain's is shrinking. which would you prefer? >> well, what, do you think that's game, set, match? >> no, i just read it. i was letting you respond. >> economy is america, economy, we've sort of outperformed europe. so all things being equal, we're going to do that. this is, though -- this does point out, though, the historic choice that western countries have had to make o
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)